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Since its incorporation in 2002, MENAT is active in general trading of materials, equipment, petrochemicals, contracting and consultancy in general. It is highly active and networked in North Africa and Middle East. The field of activities are briefly summarized.

On Trading Side

MENAT carefully studies the requirement of buyers, through its vast network of producers & stockholders, it offers its customers the most efficient solutions to supply their demands.

On contracting side

MENAT renders general civil and mechanical contracting services to its customers. The company’s highly experienced team and past experience in general contracting allows MENAT to accomplish contracts for civil and mechanical projects in different locations of Middle East, North Africa and CIS Countries.

On consultancy Side

The partnership of MENAT is composed of 5 highly experienced enterpreuners from different backgounds including trade, manufacturing and contracting. The partners’ vast knowledge and background allows MENAT to find the foremost solutions for the company’s customers in numerous fields ranging from engineering solutions to machinery selection and from logistic support to finding new markets for products.



SteelPipeMENAT material supply and trading services varies in misc. products and material that are listed below.

The company’s procurement and logistic team is capable of collecting all materials from all over the world (from producers and stockist), gathering on its main warehouse (or designated area by its customer), safeguarding and arranging transportation to its final destination.
Material are procured worldwide basis as per customer & international standards with relevant certificates and MTRs.
The supplementary services are as follows (but not limited to); Transportation (local and overseas), custom clearances, misc. financing solutions as per customer requirements, technical consultancy for potential substitues.

Since our establishment, we do supply high quality material combined with competitive pricing and just in time delivery.
The repeating customers from different geographies are the best indicator of our consistent reliability.

Products and Materials

Industrial supply of products and materials including custom, logistics & financing

Timber & Wood

Steel Beams and Profiles

Pipe and Tubing (CS, SS, Alloy, GRP)

Fittings (CS, SS, Alloy)

Electrical and Instrumentation Materials

Special Design Light Profile

Construction Materials (Rebar, Cement, PVC profiles, Cladding Materials, etc)

Spare Parts for Machinery





Metering & Weighing Skids

O&G Process Equipment (Manifolds, Seaparators, Pig Systems, etc.)

Iron & Steel Machinery

Petrochemical Materials

Used Construction Equipment (Crane, Loader, Grader, Truck, etc)


Since its establishment, MENAT’s Contracting Services are mainly focused on mechanical and civil projects. MENAT serves Oil & Gas and Steel Industries in accordance with international standards.

Further to site installation activities, fabrication of process equipment for O&G and Steel Industries are within the scope of MENAT.

Main Contracting Services

Installation of early production facilities

Plant installation on refineries and petrochemical plants

Tank farms

Dismantling of Industrial Plants and Scraping

Oil field services


Maintenance works in general

Erection of steel plants

Building construction

Structural Steel Fabrication and Erection (MENAT Owns 2 fabrication plants in Iskenderun / Turkey)


As a result of to MENAT’s accumulated experience in industrial areas ranging from engineering to execution, the company is able to provide consultancy services in a wide range of fields to its customers.
The services are inclusive of providing engineering support, material sourcing, bringing people together for cooperation and providing assistance to create business relations for different cultures.
We do assist our customers in finding progressive and efficient solutions and help them create new business opportunitites and environment.
Furthermore, training sessions and courses can be arranged according to customer needs in many different areas of business.

Warehousing & Logistics

warehouseMENAT owns and operates 2 warehouses in Turkey where it compiles the materials collected from different countries before shipments.
Further, those warehouses assist MENAT’s contracting projects in terms of supplying construction materials, machinery and are used as storage & laydown areas.
The warehouses are located in Gebze and Izmit region in Turkey with very easy access to main ports in Marmara Sea (3 kms) & highways.

Gebze Warehouse: 9.000 m2 closed area, max. 30 tons crainage capacity.
Izmit Warehouse: 7.000 m2 closed, 12.000 open area, max.200 tons crainage capacity.


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Address: Gebze Güzeller Organize Sanayi Bölgesi İnönü Mahallesi                                         Mareşal Fevzi Çakmak Sokak No:4                                                                                                               Gebze / Kocaeli / TURKEY

Phone: +90 262 751 0434

GSM: +90 532 781 5058

Fax: +90 262 751 0934

E-mail: info@menat-trading.com.tr

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